Reposting my favorite practical essay I have written and sharing an update on my series on European Tech
At the structural level, Europe favors commerce companies over enterprise ones
Understanding the current state of European tech through the three significant waves of activity in the ecosystem
In response to Eric Newcomer's three-part series on European VC, I have written a trilogy on the European tech ecosystem's historical, structural and c…
Accel in London, David Sacks on what not to do and a review of High Maintenance's newest installment
Shadow societies, premium mediocre millennialdom, the refragmentation of the American economy, the depressed meritocracy and how to make it all a littl…
The economics of AI-driven businesses and James Taylor's reflections
Deep synthesis of three outstanding articles around the future of gaming
Advertising synergies, sovereign clouds and impressionist music
AirSpace, social capital, financial-infrastructure-as-a-service and naive art
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N26 Mafia, Sweetgreen Growing, Gaming Ascendant, and some Fine Books and Movies